Strategies for Teaching with Online Tools
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Nick Carbone, New Media Consultant
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Workshop Overview

When you think about it, it takes a while to get comfortable teaching in a traditional classroom. We need time to find a voice and teaching style, learn how to design a syllabus and assignment that support our goals for students' learning, find the most pedagogically effective way to involve students in their own learning, and manage our time and resources. It's not easy learning how to teach, though many of us have been at it so long, we might have forgotten how much we struggled at one point or another in our careers.

Given this, however, it's no surprise that one of the tricks of learning how to teach effectively with online course tools such as WebCT, Blackboard, or by cobbling together our own tools, involves going through the same kind of process we went through when first started teaching, only doing it online. It means finding an online voice and teaching style, designing assignments that can use online tools, using those tools in pedagogically useful ways, and managing our time and keeping track of all the new resources. This workshop and discussion will address some ways to incorporate online teaching tools into teaching repertoires.

Tools and Topics

The workshop will look at two categories of issues, and there will be some overlap in the discussion. Tools looks at four common tools online teachers can use: E-Mail, Discussion Boards, File Sharing, and Real-Time Discussions. Topics considers Peer Review, Research, Plagiarism, and Workload.

As we consider these items, we'll try to make connections among them all. For example, file sharing, discussion boards, and peer review, combined in different sequences, can help students do research and deter plagiarism. Further, how you use email, discussion boards, set up peer review and so on, affect workload and time management.

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