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Please explore the Integrated Media!
The videos, writing prompts (As you write), and LearningCurve quizzes offer a preview of this robust teaching and learning tool. We’re still working on the exercises, but they’ll be up and running soon. Contact us with concerns or questions.

Recommended Browsers: Chrome and Firefox

Bedford Media for

The Bedford Handbook, Ninth Edition;

Students can

  • log into the Integrated Media for their book
  • purchase other Formats and e-Books
  • use open resources in Re:Writing

Instructors can

  • log into the Integrated Media with instructor access
  • request an exam copy from About the Book
  • learn about other Formats and e-Books
  • download Instructor Resources

Bedford Integrated Media take advantage of what the Web can do.

Students receive access to Bedford Integrated Media with the purchase of a new print book or Bedford e-book. Students may purchase access if they rented a book or have a used book by using the “Purchase Access” button on this page.
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The Bedford Handbook,

Ninth Edition

Diana Hacker • Nancy Sommers

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