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Customer Alert: This site will be retired on July 18, 2014.

But don’t worry! We have an upgrade—LaunchPad Solo—ready for students and instructors who are using the media. To learn more, click on the links below to explore LaunchPad Solo or sign up for one of our pre-scheduled demos.

Bedford Media for

The Bedford Handbook, Ninth Edition;

Students can

  • log into the Integrated Media for their book
  • purchase other Formats and e-Books
  • use open resources in Re:Writing

Instructors can

  • log into the Integrated Media with instructor access
  • request an exam copy from About the Book
  • learn about other Formats and e-Books
  • download Instructor Resources

Bedford Integrated Media take advantage of what the Web can do.

Students receive access to Bedford Integrated Media with the purchase of a new print book or Bedford e-book. Students may purchase access if they rented a book or have a used book by using the “Purchase Access” button on this page.
Read more about Bedford Integrated Media.

The Bedford Handbook,

Ninth Edition

Diana Hacker • Nancy Sommers

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