• ISBN-10: 0-312-41599-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-312-41599-0
  • Paper Text , 224 pages

Second Edition   ©2005

The Cherokee Removal

A Brief History with Documents

Theda Perdue , University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Michael D. Green , University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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The Cherokee Removal of 1838–1839 unfolded against a complex backdrop of competing ideologies, self-interest, party politics, altruism, and ambition. Using documents that convey Cherokee voices, government policy, and white citizens’ views, Theda Perdue and Michael D. Green present a multifaceted account of this complicated moment in American history. The second edition of this successful, class-tested volume contains four new sources, including the Cherokee Constitution of 1827 and a modern Cherokee’s perspective on the removal. The introduction provides students with succinct historical background. Document headnotes contextualize the selections and draw attention to historical methodology. To aid students’ investigation of this compelling topic, suggestions for further reading, photographs, and a chronology of the Cherokee removal are also included.
“I come back to this reader because of the ease with which the texts lead to lively classroom debate and the complex picture of Native American life in the antebellum years that it presents…I would adopt a second edition with as much enthusiasm as I have the first…”
— Eleanor Hannah
University of Minnesota