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Ideas for Teaching Literature and Creative Writing

William Bradley

Joanne Diaz

Tim Hetland

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Our new blog for teaching literature and creative writing

Looking for fresh ways to teach literature? How about creative writing? Our new LitBits blog — hosted by a growing team of instructors, poets, novelists, and scholars — shares smart ideas you can use today.
Hear from Michael Kardos on teaching creative writing, Tim Hetland on teaching fiction with technology, John Schilb on teaching literature and argument, Joanne Diaz, Adrian Arancibia, and Eric Selinger on teaching poetry, and Lee Jacobus, David Eshelman, and Luke Jorgenson on teaching drama and screenplays.   
Like Bedford Bits for composition (bedfordstmartins.com/bits), cited by both PBS and The Chronicle of Higher Education as a top educational blog, LitBits is informative, accessible, and searchable by keyword and feeds to Facebook and Twitter.