• Print + Digital = Solved

    Most of our books include Bedford Integrated Media—with part of the book in print and part online.

    Print is a great technology. It’s easy to access, easy to use, and easy to bring to class. Our Bedford Integrated Media titles keep the core of the book in print, so you can have the best of both worlds.

    Digital keeps students engaged. Interactive multimedia, social tools, easy custom options, and reports that let you see student activity come automatically with every book.

    Assignable, interactive multimedia takes advantage of what the Web can do and might include:

    • e-Pages that offer additional content, such as video, audio, text, multimodal readings, activities and/or assessments, in order to engage your students.
    • Video that connects immediately with students and extends concepts from the book.
    • LearningCurve, the game-like quizzing that adapts to what students already know and helps them master the concepts they need to learn.

    Social tools allow you and your students to have discussions about the content, or guide your students’ explorations of primary source documents, right on the pages.

    Easy custom options allow you to add examples and links that fit your course.

    Reports on student activity show you what students have read, their quiz results, and their responses to activities.

    Full access to multimedia content and tools comes automatically with every new book, including Bedford e-Books. Instructors get full access with every exam copy. Students may purchase access if they have rented a book or purchased a used book by using the “Purchase Access” button on the relevant book’s site.

    Look below to see a list of titles that include Bedford Integrated Media or go here to see a demo.

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